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In mobile gaming, there are really a few significant and extremely recognizable games that made a mark in mobile gaming history. You might or might not have noticed, but the viral mobile games that were released in 2009 to 2013 had certain patterns that made them viral in the first place. One of the games that became very popular during that time is Zombie Tsunami . Zombie Tsunami was extremely popular for anyone who had a smart phone. Although Zombie Tsunami was a pretty distinct game, it is undeniable that it used some similar concepts of the other trending games during that period. In this article, we will be talking about the reasons why Zombie Tsunami became so good and really trended for a while.

• Straightforward and Catchy Title

For movies, books, and even mobile games, titles are very important. This is why the catchiness of the title is of utmost importance. Not only that, the title literally gives the gamers an idea of what the game is all about. The game is exactly about controlling a tsunami of zombies. It may not be outright obvious, but titles play a major part in the choosing process of players. Lastly, when you have a title that is as attention-grabbing as “Zombie Tsunami”, then you really did the first part correctly.

• Simple Gameplay

Playing Zombie Tsunami is so easy, almost anyone can play it. Maybe the only people on this planet who cannot play Zombie Tsunamis are babies and toddlers, and even then, toddlers can still probably play it a bit. Zombie Tsunami is actually so easy, you do not need excessive knowledge about the game nor do you need enhanced physical capacity to play. If you are looking for an easy yet fun game, Zombie Tsunami should be on the top of your list.

• Tried and Tested System

If you notice, the games that trend a lot are usually arcade-style games where players only need one hand in order to play. One of the features that really cemented Zombie Tsunami’s success is the fact that it used a well-known genre to cater to already existing genre lovers – the endless running platform action game. Instead of the usual 3rd person or top view, Zombie Tsunami is a side scrolling platform game which is actually rather apt especially for a game where players are required to rack up as much zombies as possible.

• Feast for the Eyes

One aspect of any game that is often critically looked at is the graphics. Not just that, there has to be some signature looks in the game that will make it immediately recognizable for anyone, even for non-gamers. For Zombie Tsunami, the zombies are definitely its signature graphics.

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