Bitlife Simulator: Choices Toward another Virtual Life

A different fantasy life where your dreams (or nightmares) can be transformed into a real possibility is through one app only. Through text, Bitlife Simulator offers a rather accurate game play of life. Bitlife allows anyone to become who they want to be whether it be a luxurious dream life, a disgraceful life, or even an uninteresting life! The outcome will be based on your choices!

Do I need internet to try out Bitlife Simulator?
There is no need at all! Bitlife Simulator can absolutely be played both online and offline. As a player, all you have to do is download the game packs and you are good to go. This selection of Bitlife Simulator is specifically made for players who are not always in locations where an internet connection is available. Bitlife Simulator is certainly a great source of entertainment that is most certainly for whoever, wherever, and whenever!

What is Bitlife Simulator dark mode?
Bitlife Simulator is a game that constantly receives regular updates so that the game play will be up to date and always at its best. In 2019, an important update allowed Bitlife’s players to modify the applications whites to blacks and reds to blues. Dark Mode is specially great during dark conditions. Dark mode’s benefit for its users is that it enables them to lessen strain in their eyes by maintaining visual proficiency and relief.

Is Bitlife Simulator safe to play for ages 12 and below?
Bitlife Simulator, as its namesake suggests, is a life simulation game where players are bound to make choices that affects how their existence in the game will play out. This includes creating scenarios and options from birth until adulthood. Understandably, adulthood has mature content that is most certainly not for kids. This is reinforced by the fact that Bitlife Simulator is rated for 16+ on Play Store and 17+ on App Store. Bitlife chrome who are younger than these ages would do well to avoid Bitlife Simulator since they might not have fun with the content anyway.

Is Bitlife Simulator a free to play game?
Bitlife Simulator can be played totally free of charge! But like most games today, you can find in-app purchases that lets players get rid of advertisements or acquire rare items. Enjoying these premium things in the game is called a “Bitizenship”. Fortunately that a Bitizenship is not necessary to play the game or even do well in the game. Among the best aspects of Bitlife Simulator is how it is a game that continuous to be great without having to pay for anything.

Can I turn into a president in Bitlife?
Last April 2020, a big update was added and it was politics which enabled players to become presidents. This is perfect for players who would like to try out what it actually feels like to become a politician. Of course, prepare yourself as there will likely be a lot of deceit and mind games involved! In Bitlife Simulator, the opportunities are endless.

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